Slow Food Cafe Revisit

Earlier this semester, I visited the Slow Food Cafe here on campus and reported back. Although I enjoyed it then, I think it has only improved with time. And as the last lunch of the semester is coming up tomorrow, I thought it was worth another review. If any of you in Madison haven't been yet, I encourage you to make time! 11:30-2:00 on Wednesday, December 14 in the basement of The Crossing, (1127 University Ave. -- map). And this week it's only $4 for a meal prepared by the Underground Food Collective! Yum. 

But last week, the menu looked like this:

These chalkboards displaying the menu and the Featured Farmers were an upgrade since the last time I visited, and they were a really lovely and informative addition. So nice to see where all our food is coming from!

Another good addition was these little slips with our orders. Before, you waited to place your order until you got to the front of a (sometimes very long) line. But now, one of the volunteer staffers came through the line and asked for our order, recording our choices on these slips, which we then handed to the person at the front of the line when we paid for our meal. And the prices are great--$4.50 for a sandwich, $6 for a sandwich with either soup or side, and $7 for all three. You can see I went with the beet-walnut burger and the squash soup (and later really wished I'd gotten the winter pasta salad, which was loaded with brussels sprouts--if only I'd known!)

In addition to the main courses and sides, they had various desserts for sale: local apples from Ela Orchards, vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and sugar cookies with jam--all home-made.

The tables had pretty fall decorations and cookbooks (The Art of Simple Food!) for centerpieces, along with some recipes to take home, like this one for Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing:

And the food! It was just delicious, and beautiful.

So, what are you waiting for?! Make plans to go there for lunch with a friend tomorrow, if you can!


  1. The UFC Cafe lunch was fantastic! What a great turnout. All the lunches I have had there have been impressive.

  2. Lisa, I didn't actually end up being able to make it to the UFC lunch, so I'm glad to hear from you that it was a success, as indeed all the lunches have been. I can't wait to see what's in store for next semester!

  3. Looking very delicious and menu items are appreciable..


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