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"For the Now Chicks"

"Canned Food Ads from the 1960s"
I've recently been reading about psychologist Ernest Dichter and his motivational research into consumer preferences beginning in the 1940s. His big contribution to canned food marketing was encouraging canners to advertise their products as a move toward creativity. You didn't have to be a lazy housewife if you used canned food! Especially if you used canned goods as ingredients in other quick dishes--you could show off your skills and panache in the kitchen!

This Durkee French Fried Onions ad from the 1960s captures that sentiment exactly. I especially love the caption:

"CREATIVITY KIT. Go Girl! Do your thing with crunchy onion chunks and rings. Real onion. French fried golden crisp. It's there for the now chicks with more imagination than time."

Canned food helps "now chicks" do their thing and use their imaginatio…