Global Vegetarian #2

Longtime readers of D&O may remember the last recap of our Global Vegetarian GreenHouse meal, which led to this post on meat substitutes, one of my favorites of the year.

This time, around, though, the Global Vegetarian meal featured not vegetarian chefs, but my own husband, JH, as our guest expert! 

He led a fascinating discussion about changing patterns of meat consumption around the world, and how those correlate with income. He also, fittingly enough for a philosopher, engaged the students in a wide-ranging conversation about animal ethics that left everyone stimulated.

In addition to the food for thought, the actual food was also delicious. We tried to design a menu that drew on different vegetarian traditions around the world.

We started off with a feta-spinach yogurt dip, borrowed from Greek cuisine, and a three sisters salad, showcasing the three crops often grown together in many Native American cultures: squash, corn, and beans.

The side dish was aloo gobi, or a potato-cauliflower curry; and yummy vegan chocolate cake for dessert.

The main dish was vegetarian burgers, of the tofu-walnut variety, from the local cooperative Nature's Bakery. Here's an awesome photo of the ingredients that go into the fresh burgers: walnuts, mushrooms, tofu, celery, parsley, garlic, onion, oats and spices:

Let me know if anyone wants any of these recipes!