Challah Outtakes

So, I know that one of the failings of the modern shiny-photo-filled blog era is that it can seem like bloggers never make mistakes, and always have perfect results from their perfect kitchens.

That's only because the mistakes don't get posted!

So, in honor of transparency, I'll now share the flipside of that rosy braided challah you all saw yesterday.

Are you ready?

Yep. Pretty gnarly, eh? And after lots of scraping and slicing with various tools, my cutting board looked like this:

But the bread somehow pulled through, and the top 80% has offered us delicious slices of toast.

I'll blame our old and drafty oven for this one (and for all the burning of baked goods I do), but at least the rolls (which were on the top rack) came out without a touch of black-ness, only the rosy glow of bread baked just right.