West African Global Meal

To follow up on Friday's sneak peek, here's the full post from our most recent West African Global Meal.

We were joined by Otehlia Cassidy (left, in photo below), of A World of Flavors and WADOMA (West African Dance of Madison), along with her husband Paddy (right) and another WADOMA drummer, Hugo (center). Otehlia is a chef, dancer, choreographer, and food blogger who brought so much energy to the last Global Meal of the fall semester.

First up, our delicious meal, which began with a West African Cucumber Salad (recipe at A World of Flavors) and ended with a Mango Bread Pudding:

And then our main courses of Creamed Chard and Peanut Stew (recipe) with Rice:

Otehlia created these recipes based on her time in West Africa, especially in Mali, where she and Paddy have traveled to learn dance and to connect with local communities. She presented a slideshow of beautiful photos along with a fascinating conversation about the environment, cultures, community, food, and agriculture of West Africa.

After that great introduction, the party began! We had a terrific half-hour of drumming and dancing, during which Otehlia danced and led the GreenHouse students in learning some moves. Everyone loosened up, lost their physical inhibitions, and felt free to enjoy movement and the beat of the drum! It was exuberant and lovely.


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