Christmas Eve Meal

Another string of holiday food posts this week, because I just can't seem to shake them...

December 24 brought a big pot of pureed carrot soup (with onion relish, from Deborah Madison's  Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone):

Fresh-baked challah (not as beautiful as my mom's, but it'll do), and a table full of treats! Small golden-brown challah rolls, two kinds of pickled red onions, a vegetarian meatloaf, a slightly-healthier version of green bean casserole (which I'll blog about soon), and a colorful relish tray: 

Relishes of red cabbage sauerkraut (made by a former student of mine), some of our own home-canned pickles, and the most delicious tomato butter (made by some of our friends, and which we've been saving for WAY too long for just the right special occasion):

We even got to use the rolls, green bean casserole, and veggie loaf to make little sandwiches, in honor of J's brother, who always does this with his Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey. And also in honor of his brand new Christmas-eve-born baby girl--our new niece! Welcome to the world, ELH!