BPA decision from FDA

I've written before about BPA, or Bisphenol-A, an endocrine disruptor present in many plastics that has negative impacts on human health. I'm particularly interested in this issue because almost all canned food is lined with plastic, which has high levels of BPA. In fact, even FOX News is now listing canned tomatoes as one of the top "7 Foods You Should Never Eat," because of the BPA present.

And the government is certainly aware of this problem. Now, thanks to a lawsuit against the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), there may be an end to BPA in food packaging.

From Sustainable Table:

"In 2008 the NRDC filed a petition with FDA requesting a ban on the toxic chemical BPA in food packaging, food containers and any material likely to come in contact with food. In 2010, after no response from the FDA (which is required by law) the NRDC sued asking the court to require the agency to respond. This week a settlement was reached in which the FDA must decide by March 31, 2012 whether a chemical that is known to cause health problems in babies, infants and young children should be banned from everyday food packaging."

See the whole press release from the NRDC here: NRDC, FDA Reach Settlement in BPA Lawsuit

This is good news! We'll wait to see what March 31, 2012 will bring... (perhaps a perfect epilogue for my dissertation?)