Slow Food Cafe

Today is the grand opening of the Slow Food Cafe on the University of Wisconsin campus! You can find it from 12-2 PM in the basement of the crossing, at 1127 University Avenue.

Today's menu choices:

  • Savory crepes with braised poultry, wild grape redux, and greens. 
  • Sweet and spicy tahini with sliced apple and greens on house-made pitas. 
  • Beefy dumpling soup with aromatic vegetables. 
  • Chilled watermelon gazpacho, with a kick!! 
  • Ice Cream sandwich with shortbread cookies, Sassy Cow ice cream and apricot jam. 
  • Coffee, tea, and seaberry lemonade
I knew this little cafe (or at least the idea of it) when it was but a twinkle in its mother's eye. In fact, our wedding rehearsal dinner was a sort of fundraiser for this very cafe, and we donated the plates from that event to the cause. So, if you show up for lunch today, you can eat off our rehearsal dinner plates--a little piece of history!

Last week, the cafe had a sort of soft opening, and I was able to attend for a delicious lunch featuring local food, including dessert, for only $5!

I got a veggie sandwich with roasted squash, with side salads of beet and wheat berry, and of green been and potato:

And a delicious dessert of rich yogurt with baked granola and fruit:

I especially love the feel of this cafe, with its communal air and its mismatched dishware, which allowed my friend REM to drink water out of a glass that was a jar labeled "Beet Oil Drippings"!

If you're in the Madison area, come out to support the cafe, and then let me know how you liked it!