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Los Angeles Food Procurement Policy

Lots of big changes are on the horizons for the food systems of Los Angeles. On Wednesday, at the celebration of the Second Annual Food Day, the city announced a Comprehensive Food Procurement Policy that offered a serious commitment to building a sustainable regional food system. 

LA is ahead of the game and, I hope, will be leading the way, with ripple effects throughout the country. Maybe Madison can use this LA plan as a template and work to bring even more systemic change to food in our own city? 

Read the full press release below, and let me know what it makes you think about possibilities for your own city!

For more on LA's Good Food Procurement, click here, or sign the Good Food Pledge, here.

City of Los Angeles 

October 24, 2012 

Peter Sanders 


Mayor and City Council Adopt Good Food Purchasing Pledge to Increase City…

Bill and Lou: Oxen for Lunch

A few days ago, NPR's food blog The Salt shared a fascinating story, "Despite Protest, College Plans To Slaughter, Serve Farm's Beloved Oxen." It told the tale of two oxen, Bill and Lou, who have worked at Green Mountain College, on the campus's Cerridwen Farm, for the last ten years. But now, because Lou has an injured leg, the two oxen are to be retired (Bill will retire too, because oxen work as a team).

 Although a nearby animal sanctuary, Vine, has offered to take the oxen and let them live for free in the sanctuary space, Green Mountain College has declined the offer and plans to slaughter the oxen and serve their meat in the form of hamburgers in the college cafeteria.

Because so many of Green Mountain's students love Bill and Lou, and consider them to be campus mascots, there has been a significant outcry from those who believe it cruel and unnecessary for the college to kill these gentle animals.

But the Cerridwen Farm workers who advocat…

Halloween Costume Help: Sriracha Label

As another Halloween rolls around, I've noticed increased activity around my Sriracha Halloween post, in which I showed off the Sriracha and Chili Garlic costumes I made for us last fall.

So, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a little more about how I drew the shirts with white puff paint, and if I shared a black-and-white version of the Sriracha label.

First up, another photo of the costumes:

And now a black and white version of the label, which you can download:
Here it is as a downloadable PDF version and the JPG version

A few methods for transferring this image to fabric:
Print it out on iron-on transfer paper, iron it on to your fabric, and then go over the image with a white paint pen or white fabric paintEnlarge the image on your computer, place fabric over your monitor or laptop screen so that the image shines through the fabric, trace the image lightly with a fabric-marking pen (making sure the ink doesn't bleed through onto your screen), and then go over the …

Jam Love

Just as the leaves began to turn yellow here in Madison, a taste of summer landed on my doorstep: Two beautiful jars of homemade jam from my college roommate, sent from Florida with love.

Cantaloupe Peach and Strawberry Peach, jewel-like and beautiful in their glass jars:

I broke into the first jar as soon as it came, licking the sweetness straight from the spoon, feeling so grateful for friends who know just the kind of treat that keeps me smiling.

Since then, I've been slathering the jam on everything.

From my morning granola:

To toast:

And everything in between--I've stirred it into my oatmeal, scooped it my into yogurt, eaten it on top of brownies for dessert, and have licked it right off my fingers.

I can't wait to open the second jar...

Thanks, SF, for this delicious gift, and for keeping me buoyed.