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Pureed Foods for Baby?

Recently, some new friends who have a daughter slightly older than ours asked me if our 8-month old Nancy was eating jarred foods. I replied that she was indeed eating pureed foods, but I made them for her myself. They paused, not quite understanding, and rephrased, "But does she eat Gerber food?"

In the end, it became clear that they had some unopened jars of baby food that their daughter no longer wanted now that she had moved on to finger foods, and they wanted to know if we would take them. But there was a clear disconnect in their initial questions and my answers, as if they didn't have a category for the kind of food that Nancy was eating--pureed like Gerber, but not Gerber. Their questions made me think that, in their minds, baby pureed food = jarred food = Gerber.

To me, as someone who is at home in the kitchen, it seemed so simple and intuitive that, rather than buying many small jars of milled up sweet potatoes that cost $1.50 each, I would buy one big sweet po…