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May Link Favorites

Last day of May!

Despite my infrequent posting around here as of late, I try not to let a month pass without a single post. So, a short post with some links to articles and recipes and opportunities in the food world.

Share links of your own in the comments!


Some recipes we've made and enjoyed recently, or are planning to use soon:
General Tso's Sauce (plus added garlic and ginger and extra chili garlic sauce, served over baked tofu, broccoli, carrots, and rice) Baked Mac and Cheese (this much dairy and cheese makes this a company-only food for us) Creamy Wild Rice Soup (in the works for tonight, with pre-pressure-cooked wild rice)Cherry Cream Muffins (based on this recipe) Food-related articles and opportunities:
Wanna write or do food photography for a a daily international food chronicle, The Rambling Epicure? Details here. Check out what my friend Mike Roy (Three Rule Ride) is eating in Yunnan, China one part of his bike ride across Asia: Yunnan Food, Part 2. Speaking of…