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A Versatile Slaw Formula

My favorite Asian Slaw, at Restaurant Muramoto, in Madison
Recently, a former student of mine emailed me this questions:
I know there are many different alterations for the standard slaw recipes that you allowed us to taste last semester, but what was the basic recipe? I'm hoping to experiment with some of them this summer and would love some guidance/suggestions! First of all, I love that she wanted to experiment with slaw recipes this summer, and I love that she thought of me as the person to help. I figured I'd share my response to her here as well, so that you can all have access to this.


The basic idea is to shred cabbage really finely, making long, thin strips. Then, you can either just stick with the cabbage, or add any other vegetables you have on hand, again finely stripped (I often use shredded carrot, just because I usually have carrots around). (About 4 cups total veggies for 4 servings, corresponding to the dressing amounts listed below).

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