Slow Food Farm Fundraiser

After helping to move Scotch Hill Farm's hoophouse a few weeks ago (read about that here), we got to taste the results of some of the fruits (vegetables!) of our labor this week, at a Slow Food UW Family Dinner Night that featured lasagna made with spinach and goat cheese ricotta from Scotch Hill Farm.

The local flavor of the meal was further accentuated by salad greens from Sprouting Acres, bread from Madison Sourdough, lasagna noodles from RP's Pasta, and ice cream from Sassy Cow, which were all donated by these awesome local businesses so that the $5 everyone paid for dinner would be able to serve as a fundraiser for Scotch Hill's legal costs in their fight against the Larson Acres CAFO. 

Xavi Curtis, a UW student who organized this event and was the head chef for the meal, and Tony Ends, of Scotch Hill Farm, spoke eloquently about how our eating such delicious food at this dinner could help to protect clean water in Wisconsin against the nitrate-filled manure runoff from factory farms:

Photo Credit: Amanda Kievet

Please read more about the case at the Green Rock Citizens for Clean Water website, but the short of it is: A group of citizens living in Magnolia township in Wisconsin--Tony Ends prominently among them--has been taking Larson Acres, Rock County's largest dairy farm, to court for the past several years, in order to have the state enforce rules governing the purity of groundwater and to prevent Larson Acres from dumping their manure in the town’s water supply. The case has gone to the State Supreme Court, and the ensuing decision will set a precedent as to how the state's livestock siting law interacts with local zoning authority. The town’s attorney has generously worked pro bono for some time, and has accepted Scotch Hill Farm CSA vegetables in exchange for his work, but there are still legal expenses accumulating.  Being able to pay these expenses will allow Tony and the rest of the group to continue this case. So, the Family Dinner Night was a fundraiser for these legal expenses, and succeeded in raising over $500 $1600! (updated total!)

If you're interested in helping out, please donate, (securely through PayPal here), even if it's just a few dollars!

Photo Credit: Amanda Kievet

And the food last night was almost as moving as the cause itself!  Crusty, airy baguette; crisp and bright greens in a walnut vinaigrette; a spinach and goat cheese ricotta lasagna with fresh noodles in a tomato arrabiata sauce (honestly one of the most delicious lasagnas I've ever eaten!); and home-made coffee ice cream made with local milk for dessert.

Credit for all the beautiful photos to: Amanda Kievet

Eating great food for a great cause--what could be better?!


  1. i am very proud of all of you for pulling together for the farmer who gives so much to mother earth and tilling the land. Way to goooo!! JMD.


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