Celebrating Sukkot

To my string of Jewish holiday food posts (Passover, Yom Kippur), I now get to add Sukkot!

Although Sukkot is a lesser holiday in many observant Jews' books, I've always thought it was pretty great, just because you get to build a little fort, and eat outside with your friends and family for a week. (that is a very non-technical description; see the real rules here).

This year, our friends SB and JB organized a little vegetarian Sukkot potluck, but the cold weather kept us indoors.  Not one to let the altered setting keep us from having the sukkah (aka "little fort") ambiance, SB created a beautiful indoor space, complete with decorations and "fruit" hanging from the ceiling:

And, it turns out, we weren't just cheating, but were officially exempt from eating outside in the sukkah, because of the cold weather. I learned this useful information from the wonderful little facts SB had pasted all around the room to help the mostly non-Jewish guests make sense of it all:

Another one I liked:

And also: (really only notable because of the nice composition of the photo itself, with that blurry platter of green off to the left)

The food itself was delicious and impressive, as is always the case when we're with these folks.

Home-baked bread and home-made cheese: 
Roasted broccoli (a method of broccoli preparation I've been wanting to try for a while!), and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bars:

And lots more, of course.

We all had a super, warm, satiating time, even if we didn't *quite* follow all those funny rules.