More on Garlic Technique

Don't quite know where all my obsession with garlic peeling/chopping is coming from lately, but I saw this video yesterday, in a NYTimes article about Jacques Pepin, and I just had to share:

Something about the ease and fluidity and beauty with which he handles the garlic moved me.

Or maybe the half-formed tears in my eyes were just from the garlic's oils?

Either way. I found this video stunning.  And there are plenty more on the NYTimes website. Check them out:

How to Make an Omelet:

How to Sharpen Knives:

Interview with Jacques Pepin


  1. Love the videos- I just watched them all. Mr Pepin is one my favorites. He was always so sweet to Julia on their show. Thanks for sharing ~sarah

  2. Wow! That garlic video is fantastic. I think it changed my life. Any hints on onions?


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