Sriracha Halloween

UPDATE 10/18/12: Visit my new blog post for more details on how to make a Sriracha costume, and for a downloadable black-and-white image of the Sriracha label. 


Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween weekend has been filled with all kinds of adventures, some of which you'll hear more about later this week, but to celebrate the day itself, I wanted to share the costumes we came up with: Sriracha and Chili Garlic Sauce!

These two are the workhorses of our condiment shelf, bringing heat and bright pepper flavor to pretty much everything we eat around here. Sriracha has gotten a lot of love around the web (, in the last few years, but we've been loving it for a long time now, at least since college when our old buddy RC introduced Justin to the wonders of the green-capped sauce (8 years?).

So, what better tribute to that long-lasting love than a Halloween costume? I got the idea from some browsing over at Pinterest, and then scoured the web for images of the label itself, which I used to direct my drawing. Then I bought some white puffy paint, and just drew the image onto some thrifted red t-shirts, using my online images and the condiment bottles themselves as guides. 

Add some thrifted red pants, some green construction paper, a party hat, cardboard, hot glue, and some elastic from old conference name tags and, voila! Costumes! (the nearly-free, made from reused or thrifted materials kind of costumes I love best)

And, as if to affirm our choice of costumes, we spied this bumper sticker in a parking lot this weekend:

We also <3 Sriracha (and Chili Garlic!).


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