No (wo)man is an island

So, I have to admit that this desire to cater a wedding didn't come from nowhere. I've been thinking about weddings A LOT for the past couple of years. Sometimes, when I tell people that I've gotten really in to weddings and wedding blogs in the last two years since our own nuptials, they look at me with serious skepticism, not being able to reconcile my feminism and non-girly-ness with their image of the wider wedding world. But the thing is, there are lots of really wise, really impressive wedding blogs out there where strong women are writing about how to make a wedding meaningful, personal, and genuine without the frills and flowers and forced expectations. Where analyzing the relationship itself and thinking about gender equality and building community are way more important than princess dresses and invitation fonts and coordinating colors. Two of my favorite "wedding" blogs, which I continue to read because of the thoughtful and inspiring women who write them are A Practical Wedding (APW) and 2000 Dollar Wedding, though there are certainly lots more. 

And many of the great weddings featured on these blogs feature self-catering. Every time I read one of these wedding descriptions, I ooh and ah and wish we could've catered our own wedding. But then I think about the other factors we took into account that led us to the decisions we made around our event, and I think that everything was just right. So then I daydream instead about catering other weddings and making good food a central component of this jubilant time for the people I love.

So, here I am. Planning wedding food. 

Here are some of the posts from these blogs and others that have gotten me started with thinking about food: 

APW's How to Self-Cater Your Wedding, Part I and Part II
The full lowdown from 2000 dollar wedding on self catering
And linked from 2000 dollar wedding: A guide from The Kitchn based on a full series at Forkable

There's so much information out there--I just have to find it! 

Any other recommendations for resources?