Make-Your-Own Burrito Night

If there's anything I've learned as a new-ish member of the H.* family's younger generation**  is that burritos are delicious.

And so I decided to convey this knowledge to the residents of the GreenHouse in the first of a series of Make-Your-Own-Meal nights that will be taking place this semester.

The full line-up looks something like this: MYO-Burritos (I'm coining a new term--let's see if it sticks), MYO-Winter-Vegetable-Dishes, MYO-Pizza, MYO-Sushi, MYO-Quiche. I'm planning on reporting back here on how all of them go.

So, for burritos, I tried to cater the ingredients as much to a winter diet as possible, choosing jarred salsas in favor of "fresh" tomatoes, thinly shredded cabbage (in the form of Mexican slaw) in favor of lettuce, and so on.

Here I am mixing up the cabbage and grated carrot and lemon juice and salt to make the slaw:

And the full spread, complete with tortillas, mexican rice (brown rice cooked with canned tomatoes and chipotle peppers), black beans, refried beans, sour cream, corn relish, pickled jalapenos, mexican slaw, pepper jack cheese, and three different kinds of salsas:

And the best part, eating!

*My husband's family
** But now no longer the youngest generation, all because of this adorable guy:


  1. Someone in your husband's family gave birth to a stuffed panda? Weird.

  2. I thought about making that clarification, but the baby is clearly "adorable," while the panda is simply cute.


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