Top 10 Food Films: Politics

Here's my Top 10 list for the best food films that engage with issues of ethics and politics (I'll be back with best foodie/aesthetic films tomorrow). You can watch the trailers below, or follow the title links to the films' webpages to learn more.  And please share others I missed in the comments below!

1. Food Inc.

2. Our Daily Bread

3. What's On Your Plate

4. Real Dirt on Farmer John

5. Super Size Me

6. Queen of the Sun

7. King Corn

8. Dirt! The Movie

9. Fresh

 10. The Future of Food


  1. Hi, I found your blog through one of the Eagle Heights newsletters. Although I've heard several people say what a great movie Food Inc. is, I'm kind of afraid to see it! We've switched to having 90% of our food (meat and veg) come from a CSA, so I know most of what we eat is produced in a healthy way, but I'm really not sure I want to know about that last 10%.

  2. Hi Chelsea! Glad you made it over here! Food, Inc. is definitely worth a viewing, but my guess is that if you're already eating mostly the CSA route, not much of what you'll see in the movie will be too surprising. It's mostly valuable as a good synopsis of all the different issues related to food politics in America. If you're already pretty familiar with most of those, then you'll probably avoid most of the shocks! Thanks for reading.


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