Top 10 Food Films: Aesthetics

Here's my Top 10 list for the best food films that focus on the joy and aesthetics of good food (check about my list of best ethical/political food films). You can watch the trailers below, by clicking on the links [for some reason, I couldn't figure out the embedding today, so links are all I've got!]. And please share others I missed in the comments below!

1. Ratatouille

2. Waitress

 3. Julie and Julia

4. Chocolat

5. Eat Drink Man Woman 

6. Like Water for Chocolate

7. Babette's Feast

8. Tortilla Soup 

 9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

10. Fried Green Tomatoes


  1. Great list! Tampopo (a Japanese comedy about opening a ramen noodle shop interspersed with some fantastic food vignettes) is also excellent.

  2. Yes! I haven't seen Tampopo, but I kept coming across it when brainstorming for this list. I'll have to watch it soon!

  3. Really, really excited to see Babette's Feast on this list.


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