Anniversaries, like birthdays, are a way to pause and reflect and celebrate on how far you've come in one year. Justin and I got to do just that earlier this week for our second wedding anniversary (though 7.6 years total!), and although our many travels left us without a full day to devote to celebration, we did manage to squeeze in some frisbee-playing, annual letter-writing, and, of course, some delicious eating.

Because our ultimate frisbee game took us to a part of town, Fitchburg, that we don't often visit, we decided to dine at Liliana's, a restaurant in that neighborhood that has gotten really great reviews from friends and Yelpers, and that also accepts the Wisconsin Restaurant Association gift certificates I received from my parents and Justin's parents for my birthday.

We started with the special wine flight, three half-glasses of a zinfandel, shiraz, and port wine:

And with a delicious fennel and arugula salad, tomato bisque, and some amazing cornbread and jalapeno biscuits:

Our entrees, which were good, but not great, were blackened catfish and the vegetable wellington:

After dinner, we came home for a dessert of frozen wedding cake (cake we bought last year, but from the same co-op bakery that baked our actual wedding cake) and frozen strawberries that we picked on our first anniversary last year and froze for the year.  Although it looked a little less lively than last year (photo from last year), the cake and strawberries were still really delicious!

And most delicious of all was acknowledging how lucky Justin and I are to have one another. Last year, our dear friend Kroy felt "too corny quoting Bright Eyes directly in public" and so gave us a a little scavenger hunt to find a song lyric that he felt described us: "LOTSIITSKYETTG, Track 10, Verse 5, Line 4." Can anyone identify it?

I  have no such qualms about corniness (and think I identified his Bright Eyes quote correctly):

And I love their love and I am thankful that someone actually
receives the prize that was promised by all those fairy tales that drugged us.

I, too, am thankful. So thankful.


  1. Congrats you guys! Oh how your love and respect and admiration for one another inspires me (and I'll say all those around you, too)! Plus, your food looks almost as incredible as your two smiling faces.


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  3. Why am I so tempted to retract my compliment by insisting that I was referring to some other line? Maybe one about wasted paint or or a path to debt, loss, and shame?

    But I shan't! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for forcing this Kroy the arch-cynic to own up to the fact that he can't deny that there's good stuff all around him. And for showing him (and being) part of that good stuff. Very good stuff. He's now listening to the song in your honor.

    Can't wait to see you both! Less than a month :-D


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