Garden Garlic

While visiting my parents last week, I got to experience not only my Mama's amazing food, but also my Papa's gardening prowess.  I arrived just in time to help harvest the garlic that had been growing all spring, and so I got down in the Georgia soil and helped harvest a pile of garlicky goodness.

After we dug up the garlic, we cut off the tops and bottoms, and then buried the green tops into the soil to add nutrients back. And the fresh garlic went either into a bag to come home with me, or onto the counter to dry for use throughout the summer!

Other beauties blooming in the garden, of the tomato and blueberry varieties:


  1. Garlic is just now being harvested here in Korea, too! A few weeks ago, though, the farmers went around and pulled out the "jjongs," which are long stems that grow up in between the sheathes visible in your photos above. They make for a great stirfry...

  2. I'll have to tell my Papa to save the jjongs next time!


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