Voting for gardens

For the past two years, I've been involved with an awesome local nonprofit, Community GroundWorks, that offers a rich array of experiences, spaces, and services to the Madison community--a kids garden, community gardens, an organic farm, and a restored prairie and woodlands.  It's also just a beautiful agricultural space within the city limits:

I'll definitely be writing more about all the ways that I've been involved with this organization--working as a Kids Garden Intern, helping spearhead a campaign to build an outdoor kids' kitchen, running their Twitter feed and Facebook page, serving on the Communications Committee, helping to organize an annual Youth Grow Local conference, and more.

But for now, let me ask you to do me a favor, on behalf of Community GroundWorks. The organization, and specifically their Youth Farm at a local high school (East High), is in the running to win $10,000 from a local bank. The money would go towards supporting an urban agriculture and culinary arts program that teaches youth about food security. Youth grow organic vegetables at the East High Youth Farm, cook healthful meals for seniors and children at the Goodman Community Center, and preserve produce for the food pantry at the Goodman Center.

Only thing is, it's one of those (slightly annoying) campaigns, where the organization with the most clicks gets the money. So, if you're inclined to do so, please click over and VOTE for Community GroundWorks. And then, if you're especially kind, you can vote once per day through April 3. (That's a long time, I know).

 Thanking you, in advance!


  1. I will do it. Want to vote for the Yonso Project's bamboo bicycle workshop in a similarly annoying click-campaign?

  2. I do want to vote for the Yonso Project! But when I followed your link and approved that the Facebook app steal my identity, I got caught in some interminable loop of page loading that didn't lead me anywhere. Advice?


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