Kill the Bill!

Here is our friend Shahin's video of yesterday's rally against Governor Scott Walker's budget bill, which makes cuts to public workers' pension and health benefits and eliminates almost all union bargaining rights.:

Yeah, it's bad news. Madison schools have closed today because the teachers planned a sick-out.. NPR is writing about us. So is And lots of others.

You can watch it all streaming here.

And some photographs I took yesterday:

Oh yeah, and we made this quiche for dinner. Recipe to follow soon.


  1. I have thought about you often lately because I am hearing so much about Madison. AND it made me smile to see what you have for dinner because I made my first quiche 2 nights ago. It was was non vegetarian, but I am working slowly to learn about the local products for me to cook with. Keep on posting!

  2. Hooray for cooking with local food! I will do my best to keep finding time for posts, even amid all the raucousness that's been shaking our city for the past week. I'm still so caught up in the enormity of the whole thing that it's hard to imagine what will happen next. I thought of you when I watched this video, just because it's so beautiful:


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