Feeding the Protest

More wonderful stories about how food is keeping this thing going: Ian's Pizza, a Madison institution, has been bringing free pizzas to the capitol all week long. How are they able to afford this, you might ask?  Through donations! And not just donations from Wisconsin folks, but from those in every single state and continent (minus Antarctica)! Seriously. Here's a photo of their chalkboard where they were keeping track of donations, as of yesterday:

Awesome, isn't it?

Making the pizzas, nonstop:

Enjoying the pizzas, nonstop:

If you would like to do your own part to support those in the capitol with food or other supplies, you can go to the new donation site Help Defend Wisconsin, can order pizza through Ian's, or you can call the Willy Street Co-op and buy a gift card to feed the capitol protestors via phone: (608) 251-6776.

Thanks for your help. And let me know if you have any questions!