Calendar Art

Last September, Justin and I attended a talk by Renegade Lunch Lady, Ann Cooper, at Madison's annual Food for Thought Festival.  Chef Ann is well known for re-making the school lunch systems in several cities across the country, especially in Boulder, Colorado. At the talk, everyone in the audience was given a copy of the calendar that the Boulder Valley School District parents had received that included the weekly lunch menus (hopefully these were just extras that were left over, rather than ones they'd printed for us). This calendar had some beautiful drawings of food by a local Colorado artist.  I saved this calendar after the talk, thinking maybe some day I'd get around to using those drawings.

Well, this winter, that day had come. Towards the end of getting some new wall hangings in our house, I cut out each of the drawings and arranged them in a large frame that I had found by the trash near our home (and that I'd also been saving for some time--notice a theme here?)

And so, a new piece of art was born!

We hung it in our kitchen, to inspire us with colors and flavors. And even Eddie Vedder the cat took a liking to it:


  1. Beautiful!

    How was that Ann Cooper talk?

  2. wasn't quite as beautiful as the calendar! But the ideas behind it certainly were. Ann Cooper's passion is admirable, but passion on the ground doesn't always translate to great public speaking skills, I suppose. Did you go to the talk? What did you think?


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