Root Quilt!

How beautiful is that?

You might think it's some image I pulled off the web, but it's not! It is, in fact, a small quilt that my dearest friend AMM made for me by hand!

It came in the mail yesterday, just in time to cheer me in a deep and touching way as the semester began. I think it's one of the most beautiful works of art I've ever seen, and for now, am displaying it as such--over our bed in our bedroom:

The actual image (inspired by this Pinterest pin) really resonates with me, with its beautiful cross section of sky and earth, of blue and brown. The way the colorful roots are nestled below ground with their green leaves above ground creates all kinds of aesthetic harmony for me.

I love it beyond (any more) words. Thank you, amm.


  1. what is there not to love about this post! amm, you rock! so happy you made our aez feel loved in such a special way. i think both of you are amazing. - nfb

  2. This is the height of "fantasticness" I absolutely love this quilt! :)


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