The Bounty of the Family Table

Yesterday, I suggested that I'm well-fed when I visit my parents (and there's been hints of this in the past), but today I figured I'd share some pictorial evidence in support of that claim.

So, without further ado, photos of the beautiful feast my mom put together in celebration of my brother's recent completion of the Executive MBA Program at Duke! [Each of the Zeide (grown) kids now has two Master's degrees.]

Plates of beautiful garnishes and green salad:

The Russian salad olivye and the dish solyanka

Brown rice and chicken:

Baklazhannaya ikra and cranberry sauce:

And a composed plate of it all together:

Oh, and my adorable 3-year-old nephew Jeremy says you can't forget the chewy bread! Here, imagine him saying "Ah-nee, the bread is touching my nose!"

Oh and there was apple cake, with fresh strawberries and grapes for dessert. You know, nothing much...