Meals for a Year

One of my blogging role models, Sara Cotner, with the help of some other food-loving ladies, has put together an awesome resource called Meals for a Year.

This site compiles an "entire year's worth of delicious, healthy, fast, vegetarian recipes in a convenient, user-friendly, meal plan format" with meal plans for each months of the year, with 20 recipes, and shopping lists for each week organized by recipe and section of the grocery store.

This is a really neat idea that some folks might find really helpful. We don't do much meal planning in our house--instead putting together dinner based on the contents of our fridge or the CSA box, but if you do like to plan week by week, this is an incredible resource.

And from a quick glance at the recipes, it looks like they do try to stay roughly seasonal, so you could always use your farmers' market produce along with this guide.