Comfort Food

I recently read this beautiful article, Showing Compassion Through the Gift of Food, at, and was flooded with memories of all the times friends have taken care of me by sharing a meal or a treat.

It made me want to share these photos with you, of a recent meal--full of Southern comfort food--that our friends SB and JB made for us to help us through some rough times.

A pan of delicious barbecue tofu and crock pot full of golden grits:

Stewed greens and barbecue sauce, along with an assortment of delicious pickled peppers and tomatoes:

Crispy, buttery cornbread and perfect gluten-free apple tarts:

The whole meal came together like a dream, and kept us full and warm (in our bellies, and our hearts) for days to come.

Like the author of the above article told her six-year-old daughter, "when you make people food with your hands, it can help them feel better."

How have friends offered you solace through food in times past?


  1. This reminds me of the delicious chili you brought us after we had Gabriel (not to mention the bag of groceries). That was so much better than a baby shower!

    1. I'm totally stealing your idea (of the food train) when our time for babies comes. So glad to be part of your memories of your first days with Gabriel!

  2. I love the gifts of food I receive. I got two large heads of farm grown garlic for my birthday, and LOVED that!

    1. That sounds like the *perfect* gift! What good friends you have...


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