Ultimate Summer Meal

About six months ago, I wrote about our ultimate winter meal, which was full of starchy vegetables and preserved foods. Although we found a way to eat well then, in a reasonably seasonal manner, even in the depth of winter, I am SO HAPPY that it's summer and we can have the color and juiciness and freshness that comes with my favorite season.

So, today, an ultimate summer meal, from a few weeks back. Most of the dishes were made with produce from Harmony Valley Farm, the place that makes it all possible!

Homemade croutons from Batch Bakehouse foccacia; a summer panzanella with those croutons, tomatoes, cucumbers, white beans, and basil; and fresh Sweet Sarah Cantaloupe:

A creamy dill sauce; a plate of pan-roasted potatoes with the dill sauce, fresh corn on the cob with dill sauce, and a pesto eggplant dish; the eggplant on its own:

And the second round of meals that came from these dishes included (1) a pesto-orzo-eggplant salad that I made by combining the pesto eggplant above with orzo pasta, more homemade pesto, and sungold tomatoes from the garden, and (2) a corn-potato-cabbage salad, which I made by combining the roasted potatoes, corn kernels removed from the leftover cobs, and the leftover dill sauce with some sliced up cabbage.

I'm happy to report back with precise recipes, if there are any that anyone wants.

Happy summer!