Sungold Tomatoes! Delight!

You want to know the one food I look forward to when summer comes, more than any other?

Hands-down, no-contest: the sungold tomato!  The sugary, glowing, orb of happiness! May its glory live on forever and ever!

Popping these whole into my mouth, warm from the vine, is summer in one bite.

Juicy, compact, with a flavor like no other tomato you've every tasted, oh the sungold tomato!


  1. Long live the sungold! And God bless Snug Haven for introducing me to their amazingness. Thank you for the reminder, I gotta get some soon.

  2. They are indeed the most delicious tomatoes I've ever had. I could not stop popping them in my mouse. Thank you Anna for bringing them to GA.

  3. Nichole--there were tons at the farmer's market last week. And they looked so delicious that I was barely able to keep myself from buying some, even though we have tons popping off our vines.

    Liz--You're welcome!


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