Package-free grocery store!

Sometimes I run across things that I file away for inspiration, that I think someday I could help create myself, or I could at least seek out similar incarnations of those inspiring things.

This new zero-package grocery store in Austin, Texas, In.gredients, is definitely one such thing:

Instead of just having some stuff in bulk, like lots of co-ops and natural foods stores, this place has everything in bulk, so that you bring all your own packages for everything, and your only buy as much as you want.  A great idea, eh?

I especially like that they intend to use the space "as a community center with cooking classes, gardening workshops, and art shows on the side."  Yes!  Yes to multi-function spaces that invite people in and create community!


  1. David and I are going to Austin in August and this store is on our list of "tourist" attractions. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Cool! You'll have to take some photos and share them with us!

  3. I know every post of mine starts off with the same two words but...

    In Korea, I'm often stuck with a choice between heading to the old, traditional markets (think old women sitting around on the street or in cramped stalls surrounded by giant piles of produce), where I can buy food without plastic, or the new, organic shops, which have such low turnover that they can't afford not to wrap everything up. Either is better than the mega-stores, where little is organic and even single bell peppers come with styrofoam trays and several layers of saran wrap, but man, I hope in.gredients moves overseas quick!

  4. And what about those old, traditional markets with the old women? Is their produce decidedly not organic? Or their wares are just limited? Why not shop from them most of the time?


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