Madison Restaurant Week

Although I didn't do a particularly good job of responding to Mike's comment on my Cooking at Home post from a couple of weeks ago (as in, I didn't respond in written form at all), I have been thinking a lot about restaurants recently, as we've been eating out a lot with visiting friends. (And, it turns out, one of my favorite bloggers and Harvard Magazine have also been thinking about the topic).

Just in time to prompt more thinking on the subject, next week is Restaurant Week here in Madison, in which tons of high-quality restaurants offer set three-course menus for $25, in order to let people sample places and tastes they might not have had before.

In some ways, this also marks the half-birthday of this little blog, as my second post ever was a Restaurant Week review from Winter 2011, the first of the year's semi-annual event!

So, in honor of Restaurant Week and this little milestone, I'm going to offer some reviews of a few local Madison eateries next week, focusing on the flavors and experiences that make eating out pleasurable in our town, even in the face of the very reasonable critiques lobbied against restaurants by Bittman and others.

Does anyone out there in the Madison world have Restaurant Week plans? Any restaurants you're particularly excited about?

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  1. Looks like I picked the wrong week to visit! Mind if I come back?

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