Concerts on the Square

In addition to mulberries and all that other good stuff, one of the staples of a Madison summer is the Concerts on the Square series that the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra puts on each year.

It's a particular Madison scene, in which everyone--the families and college kids and elderly folks and babies and "colorful people" (as my Mom called them) alike--brings their picnic blankets and wine and food to the Capitol Square and spreads out on every inch of grass, enjoying the music a little, but the weather and atmosphere a whole lot.

We added our own picnic blanket to the mix:

We had a spread of fresh baked whole wheat yogurt bread, a curry tofu salad, watermelon, trail mix, plantain chips, sweet peas and cucumbers, and hummus:

We drank it all down with some white wine from J&R's wedding, which served as the perfect potent potable with which to toast our good fortune and happiness. To getting to live in Madison! To enjoying a picnic with our friends and family! To having such good food to eat!

And have you ever seen anything more beautiful than peas in a pod?