Hen Party

As I think I've made pretty clear on this here blog of mine, I like food.  But I like food not only because it is delicious and thought-provoking and community-building, but also because it can be fun.

And what says "fun" at a bachelorette/hen party more than penis-shaped food? (We could probably come up with many more things, but there's something so contradictorily amusing about a bunch of unconventional academics trying to re-enact mainstream traditions in a semi-ironic fashion, right?)

My friend AW came back to Madison this week to attend a CHE place-based workshop (which I'll write more about soon) and to celebrate her impending nuptials with some folks around here.

The evening was filled with phallic cheese plates and straw accessories:

Delicious food in the appropriate shapes: asparagus, zucchini, baguette, manicotti (the latter covered with  ooey gooey cheese and flavorful mushroom-tomato sauce in the third photo below):

...and some sausages. AW was not allowed to cut any of her food during the whole night.

And finally, a beautiful cake with candy decorations:

But in addition to all that immature, giggle-inducing food, there were also some foods of the rounder variety, and a whole lot of warmth and love.

Roasted vegetable salad, roasted garlic, and rhubarb custard pie:

All of us (including Rufus the dog) first enjoyed the crisp spring weather over appetizers and then served dinner at a table with a spread right out of a magazine (doesn't that middle photo just make you want to come join?! It almost looks posed...):

Gathering over food and companionship and humor seems like a pretty good way to lead into married life, eh?

Happy upcoming wedding and marriage, AW and PE!


  1. Thanks, AZ, for documenting the evening! It really was a great day -- hiking, good food, good company, good weather in the end -- and really made me feel very lucky in my friendships. I miss you all when I am away!

    I really did think (somewhat foolishly, perhaps) that AN and BS were going to throw a phallus-free party, but (a) they seem to have struck the right balance between "normal" celebration and embarrassment, and (b) I should have know better than to think that those two weren't up to *some* kind of mischief. I mean, just look at what BS does for a simple ballgame!

    Thanks to everyone who cooked, conspired, and convened. It was an evening to remember!


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