2012 Garden

Last year, I had a fairly ambitious garden plan...

But it pretty much reverted to being a bunch of tomatoes. Delicious, yes, but far simpler.

This year, I stuck with the basic plan of a bunch of tomatoes, but also threw in some other plants, based purely on the seedlings I had available to me--all of which I got for free from my various trusty sources (neighbors, CSA, GreenHouse).

So, I used a free trial of Grow Veg to put together this little plan:

  1. Melon from seeds I saved
  2. Melon from seeds I saved
  3. Melon from seeds I saved
  4. Bok Choy*
  5. Super Zagross Middle Eastern Slicing Cucumber*
  6. White Clara Eggplant*
  7. Unknown Eggplant Variety*
  8. Rosa Bianca Eggplant*
  9. Roma Tomato+
  10. Roma Tomato+
  11. Roma Tomato+
  12. Unknown Tomato Variety*
  13. Roma Tomato+
  14. Roma Tomato+
  15. Large Red Cherry Tomato*
  16. Green Zebra Tomato*
  17. Green Zebra Tomato*
  18. Sungold Tomato* (!)
  19. Red Pear Tomato*
  20. Cherry Tomato*
  21. Unknown Broccoli Variety*
  22. Cheyenne Pepper*
  23. Unknown Pepper Variety*
  24. Cheyenne Pepper*
  25. Round of Hungary Pepper*
  26. Green Sweet Pepper*
* Seedling given to be by the GreenHouse seed-starting seminar
+ Seedling from our neighbor and FH King Garden Director, MC

Also, in the bottom left-hand corner, herbs from our Harmony Valley CSA: Two Basil plants, One Flat-Leaf Parsley, One Curly-Leaf Parsley, One Oregano. (We also got savory, sage, thyme, and rosemary from the CSA, but I planted those in the communal herb plot near our garden).

Six hours and many, many sore muscles later, I had myself a garden! Now I just have to stay on top of the weeding and watering (and there is SO MUCH weeding to do). 

I'll do my best to share some photos and updates as the garden season continues!

What do you all have growing in your gardens?


  1. I have a war growing in my garden - one that I waged against the rabbits. I am losing so far. Please post pictures of your garden for me so that I can farm vicariously.


  2. The critters have gotten most of my broccoli and bok choy and cucumbers, too! But I'll snap some photos of the thriving veggies (and the less-thriving ones, too), in the next few days. Hope the tide of your own garden turns quickly.

  3. We've put in several raised beds at the house we just moved into. It's the first time I've tried vegetable gardening in raised beds, and it's pretty great (although I spent far too much money on soil and lumber).

    We planted four Sungolds, because they are (as you say) amazing. That's far more than we can eat, but it's fun to give them away. I wish I'd planted a Roma or two instead, though. We also have a Brandywine tomato plant that's starting to be pretty productive and two other varieties I can't remember.

    We have four bell peppers that are doing well and two hot peppers (I can't remember the varieties) that aren't. Also, three eggplant (of the classic, purple pear-shaped kind), three slicing cucumbers (which are thriving), two Sugar Baby watermelon vines, five small okra plants (from seed saved from last year), a short row of Blue Lake pole beans (which are not thriving), and a variety of herbs in various states of decline due to the onset of summer heat. I went really overboard with basil and planted enough to easily make pesto every week of the summer.

    The great tragedy of the garden so far is the summer squash. I tried my best to save them, but they succumbed to various pests and diseases before bearing a single fruit, and I had to put them down.

    I'm jealous that you can grow bok choi and broccoli in the summer. I guess the watermelon and okra is worth the trade off, though.

  4. I'll send you all the bok choi and broccoli you want in exchange for one watermelon and 2 pounds of okra. Deal? Although, given the 95 degree days we've been having around here lately, I'm not sure how well my green things will fare.


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