Afternoon Jam

One of the traditions around my office is what's known as "afternoon jam," in which one of the office-members chooses a song to play for the rest of the crew, as a little mid-afternoon break. Afternoon jams in the past have featured the likes of Skrillex and Cee Lo and Avenue Q and, of course, Spiritualized. It's one of those things that always makes my day a little brighter.

But this week, we decided that afternoon jam could only be improved by adding a little, well, afternoon jam.

Along with the jam, there were fresh-baked biscuits and backyard raspberries and goat cheese and fancy butter and iced tea:

And some smiling faces of good friends, too:

(even our jet-setting friend AC made a guest appearance! Can you spot him?)

Afternoon jam featuring afternoon jam: I highly recommend it.