Items of Interest

The last couple of weeks have been filled with a number of big news items in the food world, plus lots of interesting musings. Some especially worth checking out:
Washington State Votes Down GMO Labels:

The FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fat in Processed Foods:

Fascinating video series explores the journey
from field to fork: How Does it Grow?

Agricultural Innovation Prize promises $100,000 for great agricultural ideas
(a good friend of mine is running this excellent program!)
 Time Magazine's 13 Gods of Food
And a useful companion piece: Goddesses of Food
Finally, to get us in the seasonal spirit: 50 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main Dish Recipes

What else have you all been reading lately? 


  1. Thanks for all these great resources! I particularly liked the 50 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes. So many delicious looking recipes to chose from! :)

    I came across this article ( recently and was shocked. I thought that if you stuck with 100% juice, then you were avoiding all those additional additives. Also, I was surprised by the way many major companies process juice. Good eye opener.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the links, and veggie recipes!

      And yes, that article is really informative about labels that are totally confusing. Labeling seems to be a major roadblock in the path toward transparency in our food system!


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