Jam Love

Just as the leaves began to turn yellow here in Madison, a taste of summer landed on my doorstep: Two beautiful jars of homemade jam from my college roommate, sent from Florida with love.

Cantaloupe Peach and Strawberry Peach, jewel-like and beautiful in their glass jars:

I broke into the first jar as soon as it came, licking the sweetness straight from the spoon, feeling so grateful for friends who know just the kind of treat that keeps me smiling.

Since then, I've been slathering the jam on everything.

From my morning granola:

To toast:

And everything in between--I've stirred it into my oatmeal, scooped it my into yogurt, eaten it on top of brownies for dessert, and have licked it right off my fingers.

I can't wait to open the second jar...

Thanks, SF, for this delicious gift, and for keeping me buoyed.


  1. Oh man. Oatmeal with canteloupe peach jam is my new favorite food. Yum.

    Thanks, SF!


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