About this Blog

Just before I began this blog, at a semi-interview for a job related to food programming, I was asked, "So, you have this academic and professional experience with food and agriculture, but do you like food, do you love food?"  I stammered a meager answer.  The emotions around my relationship to food run deep. So deep that it was hard to put those emotions into words in response to this question. But soon after, I realized that I wanted to at least try to put them into words.  I wanted to combine my academic, professional, personal, emotional interests in food with my desire to write and to connect with others who have similar interests.

As for the specific form of this blog, I want to bring "dining" together with "opining." There are many sites that I love that take on the "dining" part of relating to food; 101 Cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen, Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, and many others do a wonderful job of sharing delicious recipes, along with great photography and stories about cooking.  And there are just as many sites that I love that take on the "opining" part of relating to food; Casaubon's Book, Civil Eats, La Vida Locavore, and many others present thought-provoking, well-researched, and sometimes personal accounts of food politics, ethics, and activism. 

But I want to do both.

I want to share my favorite enchilada recipe and I want to discuss the history of ethnic cuisine in America. I want to write stories of gardening with kids and I want to provide links to important news items about Farm to School legislation. I want to post photos of local food events that I take part in and I want to muse about the development of community food networks more generally. And I want to do all this in conversation with you. You who are curious about local food, you who garden or do home canning, you who cook or enjoy eating with loved ones, you who want to know more about the place of food in our lives, you who want to unite the ethical and sensory pleasures of eating.  All of you!

So, let's dine and opine together, shall we?

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