Scenes from Thanksgiving

Wanna know what my Thanksgiving looked like?

It looked like a full plate of delicious food, with brussels sprouts and pretzel rolls and simple stuffing and chunky applesauce, all for me:

and like four of my favorite people in the world:

But also like the joy of shared food, brought potluck style by different family members, who all took me in and made me feel at home:

and like adorable nephews and cousins who run around with joy and share secrets and use their outside voices, but can never actually look at the camera at the same time:

And what did your Thanksgiving look like?


  1. That's some great-looking food there, and one great-looking family! Thanks for sharing your photos! This year it was just Eric and I. We'd been spending a lot of time visiting lately, so we decided to be a bit antisocial! It was nice to have some alone-time. We cooked together most of the day, and then played board games (You can find lots of free rules here: Feeling much more relaxed now, but its time to get back to work!

  2. some of my favorite people! wish we were together with you.


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