Dissertation Chapter Mini-Quiches

Big news around here. Last week, I successfully defended my dissertation, In Cans We Trust: Food, Consumers, and Scientific Expertise in Twentieth-Century America!

This was a real milestone in its own right, and deserves many words--about how exhilarating it felt to bring the writing experience to a close, to have five brilliant committee members discuss my work and guide my thoughts on revisions for the book manuscript, and to have many friends and colleagues support me. But, for now, let me share the snacks I baked for the defense: my dissertation in mini-quiche form:

You see, each of my dissertation chapters is framed around one particular canned food: Chapter 1 takes on Borden's condensed milk, Chapter 2 agricultural breeding in Wisconsin peas, Chapter 3 botulism in black olives, Chapter 4 grade labeling in canned tomatoes, and Chapter 5 postwar concerns about canned tuna. So, I combined all five of these foods into baked mini-quiches. Tangible, edible dissertation chapters!

The building blocks:

Not sure it all tasted so good when mixed together, but at least it looked pretty:

And when served on the big day alongside home-baked apple muffins (with apples from the local Appleberry Farm) and mango peach juice, the quiches served their purpose perfectly!

How would you represent your own academic or professional work in edible form?


  1. Yum! If only my dissertation chapters could be represented by something so appetizing...

  2. This is a great idea! And, once again, congratulations, Anna. :)


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