May Link Favorites

Last day of May!

Despite my infrequent posting around here as of late, I try not to let a month pass without a single post. So, a short post with some links to articles and recipes and opportunities in the food world.

Share links of your own in the comments!


Some recipes we've made and enjoyed recently, or are planning to use soon:
Food-related articles and opportunities:
And some non-food links I've been enjoying:


  1. Wow, I made your top eleven for the month! What an honor. Yunnan food part 3 is coming up in not too long - it'll be my last food entry from China. After that, it's on to Laos, the land of sticky rice. Maybe you can share my Laos photos with that friendly (to me) lady from the restaurant we went to.

    I also sent an exploratory email to The Rambling Epicure and heard back within about five minutes. Oh, the possibilities! Chopsticks crossed....

    1. I would be so thrilled (personally, and in a blog-gy way) if you were to join The Rambling Epicure! Keep me posted, eh?

      And yes, we'll have to share your Laos photos with Pim (we know her name now!) at Vientiane Palace Restaurant.


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