Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

I'm not yet quite sure what will be on my Thanksgiving table, but here are some ideas and recipes that really get me going, all with links to their sources, where you can find the full recipe:

And if you're going to have turkey: Eat Wild (link to find heritage-breed turkeys and other free-range organic meats in your area)
A few notes: I'd be totally happy with a Thanksgiving meal made entirely of salads (and some desserts thrown in for good measure). I definitely don't subscribe to the idea that a vegetarian thanksgiving needs to include some "main dish." I think the "sides" are all delicious and hearty enough to stand up on their own, especially in combination. But I've included the "centerpieces" list for anyone looking for ideas on vegetarian Thanksgiving entrees. And, of course, many of these recipes are a little more complicated than your average meal for holiday purposes, but can be simplified quite easily (just ask in the comments if you want ideas for simplification or modification!)

What's on your table?