FEED Kitchens Egg Roll Fundraiser

Last year (on our wedding anniversary!), I posted about an awesome new project in Madison, the FEED kitchens, which will provide certified kitchen space for small food entrepreneurs, farmers, and non-profit groups, on the north side of Madison.


Now, there's another great opportunity to support this program, while also eating delicious egg rolls, made by a team of Hmong women, directed by Mai Zong Vue, former owner of the Taste of Asia restaurant. 

An EGGROLL SALE! How cool is that? 

Find all the details and order online here: Eggroll Sale

Basically, the order deadline is Sunday, April 22, and you have to be available to pick up your eggrolls on Saturday, April 28 between 12 and 3 PM. Order by the dozen, in either meat or vegetarian versions, to eat fresh or to freeze for later. There's also a raffle!