Food, Memory, and the Environment

I've got a guest post up over at A Liberated Life:

Food: Health, Community and Memory!

Please check it out, and let me know what you think!'

A sneak peek:

How might crafting stories help us to live in a more environmentally sound way? What's the connection between individual food memories and a larger politically-engaged food movement?

These are the questions I've been pondering as I set out on the adventure of teaching an undergraduate seminar called “Eating and Memory.” My students all live in the University of Wisconsin's GreenHouse, an environmental living community in one of the campus dorms. These students are vibrant, passionate, and really bright. So I figured if anyone were able to help me answer these questions, it would be these folks.

On its surface, a class about food memories doesn't immediately seem to fit into a environmental curriculum. It's less tangibly connected to sustainability than, say, a class on wind turbine design or on how to build a composing toilet. And yet, it seems to be a crucial piece of the larger picture...