History of Brunch

My good friend and colleague Kellen Backer has a fascinating new pictorial essay up on Refinery29 about the History of Brunch! Check it out!

You'll see examples of brunch menus and photographs from across the century, along with historical commentary about the social place of women in each of these eras. And even a glimpse of the [bleak] future:

Menu: Tomato & Clam Juice Mocktail, Anchovy & Chutney Rolls, Black Bean Soup, Sautéed Kidneys, Indian Rice & Minced Celery, Fresh Fruits With Kirsch, Egg & Mayo Aspic*, Coffee

Menu: Bloody Mary, Eggs In Ham Cups, Fried Apples, Jell-O Mold.     

Menu: Creamy Scrambled Eggs In Baked-Potato Boats, Pineapple Shell, Champagne, Coffee.

Menu: Nutrient-Rich Sludge, Petri-Dish Protein, Freeze-Dried Fruits, Water.