Iowa Farm Goodness

Over the weekend, we got to be the recipients of some world-class hospitality, delicious food, and beautiful farm scenery, while visiting friends in eastern Iowa.

Soon upon arrival, we were greeted with this brunch feast:

Many of the ingredients were from the farm on the grounds, just picked that morning: the mint in the watermelon salad, the kohlrabi (sprinkled with tagine spice in the third photo below), the strawberries, the fennel (in the last photo below), and the kale in the scrambled eggs (pictured above).

After stuffing ourselves with all of these goodies, we got to take a tour around the farm. Our friend ST works at a boarding high school that has a 35 acre farm onsite. Much of the school's food comes from this farm, and all the students work the farm and learn about food issues as part of their broader education. Awesome.

Here we are crossing the muddy path on the way up to the fields, sinking our toes deep into the squishy cool wetness:

A view of our friend's house (and a perfect hay bale) from the upper fields:

Baby sheep!

And piglets in the barn!

It was a beautiful morning, and we're already longing for the fresh tastes, deep friendship, and inspiring educational spaces of our Iowa retreat.


  1. Indeed the scenery is beautiful and so pure.
    The friendship is priceless...
    Did Helen cook all these dishes?

    1. Sam and helen cooked them together, though I think Sam was head chef, as we had breakfast at his place, cooked in his kitchen!


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