Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saveur Video Festival

[Update: I tried to embed the videos, but for some reason, they all autostart automatically. Since that gets kind of annoying, I just posted linked images instead. So, if you click on the image, a video player will pop up in another window. If anyone knows how to change the code so the videos don't autostart, let me know, and I'll embed them once again!]

The food magazine, Saveur,* has an awesome video festival going on right now. You can register to vote on your favorite video in one of several categories, or you can just go watch them all without registering!** The categories are Ultra Short Form; How-To & Recipe; Documentary; Animation/Experimental; and Culinary Travel.

Madison's own Underground Food Collective has a beautiful video, "Matambre" in the "How To & Recipe" category, so they've certainly got my vote:

 But here are a few other of my favorite videos:

"Rebuilding Vegetables" by Leon Hidalgo, in Ultra Short Form: 

"Flatten" by By Kay van Vree and Hugo de Kok, in Animation/Experimental

"Strawberry Shortcake" by Linda Pugliese in How-To & Recipe

Which ones do you love?

*If you don't know how to pronounce "Saveur," don't worry, no one seems to! Here's a whole other great video, "How Do You Pronounce Saveur?"

**Though just as a warning, most videos begin with a 15-second advertisement, so you might mute it for the first tiny bit.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Responses to "God Made a Farmer"

You've all probably seen this Dodge Superbowl ad by now, in which a speech from conservative radio commentator Paul Harvey, "God Made a Farmer" is overlaid on a bunch of beautiful images of [mostly] white American farmers:

but have you seen this one, which offers a much-needed commentary on the predominance of Latino farmworkers in America?

Or this one, "God Made a Factory Farmer," which brilliantly comments on the actual state of American agriculture, and on the overt advertising ploy of Dodge?

A final, much-needed response is this series of beautifully-curated photographs on the "History of America's Migrant Farmers."